The Superwoman of Assam

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“A strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for everybody else”

While we read about terrorist attacks and corruption in newspapers and talk about the poor state of the country, there are people who are standing up against everything that’s wrong and trying to change the frames that we have so easily accustomed ourselves to. One such lady is Sanjukta Parashar, the first woman to have been appointed as an IPS officer in Assam. While some people talk about change, some become it. She, for instance, is one such example.

In a world where people want a smooth sailing in their lives, she has set herself on a voyage loaded with immense courage and bravery, and she is making high sails. From a girl who was worried about the growing corruption and terrorism in Assam, to the woman who eventually fought against the same, she has come a long way. Not only was she a bright student, she was good at sports as well. She completed her graduation in Political Science from the Indraprastha College for Women in New Delhi and later went to the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) for her Masters, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in International Relations. An exemplary woman, a tough cop, and a devoted citizen, she didn’t let the gender norms rule her life. Choosing to become an IPS officer and serve the country rather than choosing a conventional career proves that she was brave and always stood up for what she believed in. After acquiring a good rank and becoming an IPS officer, she decided to stay back in her home state to work towards the issues that nagged her at an earlier age. She was initially posted in Makum, in 2008, as an Assistant Commandant and was later transferred to Udalguri to manage the communal violence between Bodo and illegal Bangladeshi militants, where she killed 16 militants and arrested 64 of them.

It’s not only about her achievements but about the thoughts she had and the efforts she made to achieve wherever she stands today. She could have easily chosen an easier life with all the amenities. She could have chosen a state where it would have been easier for her to work, where she could have easily devoted a lot of her time to her family, but she chose to work for something that she truly believed in. She chose a path that was less travelled by, a path which was tougher and where she could only met her family once in two months. Being an IPS officer has never come in the path of her fulfilling her duties as a mother. She has tried playing both the roles with equal passion.

Though her journey is tough and it’s ever changing, it is her beliefs that push her to move forward each day. She decided to devote her life to the nation and to her people. It takes a lot of courage to change your
dreams into realities, especially when they revolve around serving others. An exemplary woman, a tough cop and a devoted citizen, she is what superheroes are made of!

-Deepika Kapur

Image Credits: PHKStudios.

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