Ricardo Rodriguez, the rise of 68

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One fateful August day,
A wee baby drew his first breath.
His initial moments were tense,
His chance at life was on the fence.
The doctors said his chances were dubious,
The odds were not in his favour.
The priest was called in just in case,
But the child’s family thought this summoning a waste.
For they had no doubt in his strength,
This baby’s life would most certainly not end.
A picture of Madonna was placed reverently by the infant’s head,
Everyone that night, waited with baited breath.
Sure enough the tiny tot pulled through,
Defying all odds, he grew and grew.
His strength was his mother and Mary,
And although one left his side physically,
She’s still held in his heart very dearly.
The humble boy defies odds with mother in mind,
He will never leave the lessons she taught him behind.
A symbol of her memory is etched on his back,
The number 68- to help keep him on track.
This back does not only a number hold,
It carries a team as well, a legacy to truly behold.
This boy, now a man, became Switzerland’s pride,
When a goal on his behalf,
Guaranteed the team an international ride.
Despite achieving more than one can keep track of,
He does not forget to look to sky and remember who made him this tough.
His mother keeps him going,
His supporter in the heavens.
With The Madonna as his guardian,
This young man will go on to be unforgettable.

Image Credits: Rossoneri Blog.

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