Mae Bua Chaicheun – Humanity without bounds!

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“We only have what we give”

In a situation of crisis, everyone sets out to save themselves first. Even flight attendants instruct us to put on our oxygen mask first and then help others. But this is exactly what Mae Bua Chaicheun didn’t go by. Mae Bua Chaicheun, a rice farmer who lives in a village near the cave in which a boys’ soccer team was recently trapped in Thailand decided to volunteer and help the ones who were stuck in a cave. She assisted the rescue process by feeding the rescue workers and provided help by cooking meals for a week. When news of an entire soccer team of boys being stuck in a cave broke out, she dropped off everything and decided to provide a helping hand. Though when she returned back to her fields, she was stunned to find her fields submerged.

Her rice paddies were destroyed by 130 million litres of water that was pumped out of the cave during the rescue mission. It’s an irony that the same work for which she lends a helping hand became a cause of her misery, but the most beautiful part about this lady is the fact that she didn’t get disheartened.

She didn’t care about the destroyed crops but was happy about being helpful to someone. “Children are more important than rice. We can regrow rice but we can’t regrow the children”, she said. The most amazing characteristic of this woman is that she is ready to start over again and harvest the crop later this year. Even though she was stuck in a crisis herself but she didn’t let it overpower her motives. She didn’t let the situational crisis cast a shadow on her priorities.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand for yourself, but it takes a greater deal of courage to stand for others. Though there was nothing good about this incident, it did bring out people from their shacks and stand for each other and united them. Her story brings out a thought and carves it into people’s heart, her story touches your soul. The people who have less can be more genuine at bestowing than the ones who have their bank accounts stacked with green notes. It’s not always about the number of dollars in your pocket but it’s about the beliefs in your heart. There is a thing about people with bigger hearts but smaller pockets, it’s the notion of realizing what it feels like to have nothing. This is what sets them apart from others.

She had less to lose and a lot less to gain. But it didn’t hinder her steps and she gave what was needed in abundance, help. She glorifies that ‘no one has ever become poor by giving’.

-Deepika Kapur


Image Credits: PHKStudios.

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