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You’re annoyed because your starbucks
Wasn’t as ‘frothy’ as you’d desired.
While that stale piece of sandwich,
Was a full meal that poor kid admired!

The heat inside the conditioned room,
Feels as if you’re suffocating so deep.
While that tree besides the footpath,
Is just enough to give him a good night’s sleep.

The distance to the airport kills you,
You just can’t stand the traffic around.
While that soul smiles and sells roses,
Between those rants, traffic and hounds!

You seem so shattered, heartbroken,
Because of someone you’ve barely even met.
While he’s got no complaint with the mighty,
Even though it’s just him, and his pet!

The petty rise in your earning,
Leaves you unjustifiably discontent.
Oh look he just got a penny,
But a smile, a smile worth more than just a cent!

You’ve started having wrinkles,
And stress like the falcon, to say.
But he’s got no sign of any hurdles,
Yet he’s born, dies everyday!

Image Credits: Pexel.

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