To the best of years

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The first day at college with braided hair
and a head full of hopes,
and the last day with dyed hair
and all the what-ifs and whatnots.

To all those classes you bunked,
the lessons you didn’t learn.
the plans that never turned into reality,
the oh-I-don’t-care kind of faculty.

To all those friends that you lost,
and the ones with whom you cried the most.
The pranks that you played,
and the beats on which you swayed.

To that namesake canteen,
and all the time passed in between.
To the field, you walked barefoot on,
and the juniors whom you conned.

The dreams which you lost the sight of,
and the realities that you worked hard for.
That never-ending chains of exams,
and the series you watched as a time-pass.

The mysterious case of the never-ending syllabus,
and the time we spent in adjusting our focus.
That one plate and uncountable forks,
and all the douchebags and irritating dorks.

The amazing circle you build and its centre,
those long phone calls, messages and nights full of banter.

A handful of friends and 1461 days,

you still don’t want it to end in any other way.


– Deepika Kapur



Image Credits: Pexel.

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