The Known, Yet So Unknown

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We’ve mostly been in search of the unsung, the unheard. What if I told you about a man who’s definitely been talked about, and is known by the whole nation, yet still deserves a place on this platform? But this is not what TheUnseenProtagonist is about! Wait till you hear my justification for the same.

He’s a professor, economist, researcher, political personality and one of the former Prime Ministers of India. Well, most of you (especially the youth) would be amused when I’ll let you in with this secret.

I am talking about our former Prime Minister – Dr. Manmohan Singh. Rings a bell? Of course it does! But do we all have the idea of his plethora of contributions to the Indian economy as well as his fame across the other parts of the world?

He has been seen as the economist’s economist in the government. He is the only person to have held every important position in the economic/civil service hierarchy in India including Secretary, Economic Affairs in the Ministry of finance; Governor, RBI; Deputy chairman, Planning Commission and then Finance Minister. In his glorious career in the Indian government , Dr. Manmohan Singh is widely known to have been a voice of sanity, good sense and moderation through a period when Indian planners and policy makers followed policies of import substitution and public sector domination which today so not command the enthusiasm they once did. He had been keen for his mild mannered but firm approach in pushing good ideas while trying to carry others along and avoid confrontation.

His aura wasn’t just limited to the national boundaries. He was an active member of the Committee of Deputies which assisted the ministerial level Committee of Twenty and was set up to recommend reform measures for the Bretton wood System. His modest and unassuming ways as well as his evident wisdom and vast experience won India many friends and supporters in International fora. When the South Commission was set up in the mid 1980s , to explore the issue faced by the developing world, Manmohan Singh was Julius Nyerere’s choice for the position of Secretary General.

This leads me to conclude two things-

1. Just like “Not all that glitters is gold” , “not all gold is supposed to glitter”. Some like to remain raw!

2. Even if we say often that the government is of no use and it doesn’t work, the reality lies in the fact that – The Government works whether you see it or not!

Think, research and then form an opinion about anything or anyone! Otherwise what is the difference between you and the- Well, you know who!

– Prachi

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