The Forest Retreat

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In the woods so green, she was walking like a queen.
Amidst the dark forests, besides the lake, silent and serene.
Wondering if she could find some motel to rest.
Though tired searching it, trying her very best.
Across the weary path, she saw that lantern afar.
Hurriedly rushing there to see the chattel’s door ajar.
The night was scary and the weather much ruthless.
For the cold it had been, her sweater was just toothless.
She gathered guts and made the first move.
Expecting to encounter solace and time aloof.
Knocking the door, she peeped inside.
To find an Aghori sleeping aside.
And even before he could wake up.
Her phone rang astoundingly loud.
Surprisingly to the sound,
Realising her dream about…The Forest Retreat.

-Shrikrishna Kachave

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