An open letter to someone choosing an unconventional career

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Dear ‘I-will-be-what-I-want-to-be’,

Congratulations! You have passed the first obstacle in the test called life, you have decided to follow your heart and have taken a leap of faith, you have not bowed down against the society, your faith in your passion has not been shaken by the endless number of relatives who suddenly become the torch bearers of your future and recommend you to choose a certain profession because “it’s safe” and have taken the first step to ‘break the glass ceiling’.

They say, “fear is not good for your heart”, and deciding to choose a road that people generally don’t take up, you have proven yourself to be courageous. Isn’t it weird that we are always encouraged to dream, but when the time comes to take action and follow our dreams, we are always made to realise that filling up your pockets with money, getting settled, having a stable life and two square meals are much more important than filling your soul?  But kudos to you! You decided to take the charge of your life, you decided that you won’t settle for anything but what you always dreamt of doing, you are not someone who, 20 years from now will be living a life of regrets and remorse. You could have settled for something easy and mediocre. But a life without risks, is a life half lived. It might have been difficult for you to look at your classmates and friends who choose something conventional. You might have thought of giving up at times, when you saw others settling down in their lives, when they were being paid and had something to look forward to, while you were struggling to set your foot into something that could backfire anytime. It takes a great deal of courage to choose a life of struggles that might take a complete U-turn anytime, for better or for worse, but it’s that feeling of satisfaction that keeps you moving forward, it’s the realisation that just because you choose something different it’s not wrong. People might call you a wazzock, but hey! People thought the same about Galileo and well, we all now know who the actual idiots were. Life has a different pace for everyone and has a different course for everyone, the same is with choosing a career, everyone is different and well, if they were not, we would have faced some extreme crisis in the employment sector (which we still do). People are different and so are their choices, some with the due course of time go with the flow, while the others row against it, not to prove a point to anyone, but to themselves and to make it clear that this is my life and I might as well live it, just the way I want, and I won’t do anything that I don’t want to. Going after something that you might have wished for since you were in class 3, makes it clear that you have taken the first step towards a complete different life, a life without all the what ifs.

Please give us an ounce of your courage and attitude of ‘I will make the biggest choice of my life, the best choice of my life’.

Yours truly,



-Deepika Kapur

Image Credits: Pexel Images.

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