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I was wondering if art still existed in today’s ever pacing world, and to my surprise, there were artists all around me!

At the TheUnseenProtagonist, we’re always elated to showcase the hidden art that you never got a chance to showcase to anyone. The stage is all yours, we’re just the backstage crew ;).

We also believe that there are a million protagonists who have been left behind the curtains of the world, but have somehow, helped shaped the world for the better good. We’re here to bring their stories in front of the world and appreciate their efforts.

It’s the pre-historic phase that we’re currently in, as we like to call it. We’ve just started our journey but hold on tight! Our Tesla is in Ludricrous mode!

Writing is something that knows no barriers and we’re here to stand for the same.

Here’s to all writers, authors, poets, storytellers and dreamers who have always had that streak that was untouched by the eyes of the world till now! Here’s to TheUnseenProtagonist!